confession: i’ve been moving around without a sex organ

In a church a young man confess on how he sacrifice his s3x organ to make money.

‘’my name is chidubem, I am member of  a deadly occult, I was introduced to this occutic group in 2002, where I was asked to sacrifice my manhood,

I have been moving without a s3x organ for the past 15years, I am 47 now and I always fel bad each time I remember I won’t have a child of my own, I can’t even get married, I can’t have s3x with a woman,

Some people in the fraternity donates their families, but I wasn’t asked to bring anyone one exept my manhood, which means authomatically I donated all my children to them

The name of the fraternity is OGONIIZE, we have shrines imo, benin, port harcout and abia state’’

Chidubem nduka confessed all their activities and denounce his membership in the fraternity.


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