man beaten to the point of death for stealing mobile phone

high level of unemployment has lead to high rate of stealing and scamming in the country,

quam adele an indigenes of AFIJIO OYO STATE, was  beaten to the point death along the street of ibadan for stealing an android phone from a phone store at  yesterday.

according to okechukwu kingsly the store keeper, “i was attending a customer when this young man came to my shop, and was looking at my tekno w3, i asked him, what did you want? he didn’t say a word, so i suspected he was up to something so i told him, that phone is 45k ooh, all i wanted o do was to scare him with the price but, because i wasn’t comfortable with him. but he still didn’t speak a word, after that all i could remember was he dipped his hand into his pocket and said something, immediately i became unconscious and slept off. then after 10 to 15mins i started hearing noise from the main road right at the front of my shop, then i opened my eyes, saw 3 unknown yoruba women washing my face with some native liquids, and crowd at the front of my shop shouting and singing ole le ole

after the victim was seriously beaten almost to death, he was tired and abandoned in the street.


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