man killed his wife after running [dna] test on son

The case was disclosed by the man him self on how his wife was impregnated by his best friend

my name is Peter agu, I’m an origin of imo state, I graduated from the imo state university (imsu) and that was where I met my wife she was a 300l student when I graduated and went for services, then I got a job just 3moonths after services in a construction company in lagos, because I studied civil engineering in school.

2years along the line my wife who’s a mass communication student also graduated and through my help got a job as a p.a to my best friend who’s runs a TV programme, 3years after we got married because it seems she was pregnant, I never knew the pregnancy wasn’t for me, tho we do have unprotected sex when ever she come around, I didn’t know she does same with my friend, she was 3weeks pregnant when we got married, she gave birth to Nonso dec 4 2014. I was calling him my son, feeding him, pay for his school fee, and carried out all responsibility of a father, after our marriage my wife stopped working for my friend, to take care of our child.

Recently I was with my wife’s phone trying to collect some android applications when a whatsapp message came in from BOSS, I knew the only number saved with that Name is my friend, so I quickly opened it to see what the message was

My pretty son and mother (slaying queen and prince) at dp. Then I said to my self, so this was why my friend would always ask of NONSO each time we hang out together.

I slept over it that night my wife knew I was disturbed and tried all midst too convenes me to open up what was bordering me, but I rather keep it to my self, the next day after work I went straight to the hospital and I was asked to come with NONSO’s urine so they can carry out the test.

Two days later I went back to the clinic to get the result only to find out NONSO wasn’t my biological son, I got mad and came back home

According to the reporter Peter agu beat up his wife to death and went and buried her in a bush.



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