who’s daughter is this?

mercy johnson okojie is said to be nollywood actress who runs career and family successful, over the years she is said to be one of the best nollywood actress, with her astonishing emotional acts and she can be so good in funny acts over the years it was said after omotola ajalade who’s a big fish in the industry mercy johnson okojie is the most emotional nollywood actress, in 2012 it was said she was the highest paid female actress, bellow are list of few movies she was featured.

Thy Will Be Done, Bloody Ring, Baby Oku In America, Power Of A Kiss,The Enemy I See,Hand of Fate, Sins of the Past, End of Mirror of Life, Jewels of the Sun, Gallant Babes, Secret Code, My World, Mercy the Bus Driver and so many more.

she got married to Prince Odianosen Okojie in 2011, got pregnant for her first daughter which pregnancy she used in acting a popular nollywood movie “baby oku in america” now mercy johnson okojie is a mother of 3, and still fit and strong to continue her career.


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