divorce case: my husband rapes me every night

Mrs Patricia a civil servant reports to the court on how his husband always rap her at night.

According to our reporter patricia is a graduate of university of Benin city, and husband a graduate of abia state university, John ngezie.

This couple is married for over 4years with two kids, samson and benjamin by name.

My husband works in a property firm, he gets back from work late and always drunk, each time he get back, he bounces on my like a lion, this ungodly attitude of his I have been enduring for the the past two years now, each time he gets back to his normal senses I would try talk to him, all he does is to apologise and still does it some other time, i reported this to his parents, they called him and talked to him, then he got angry and didn’t talk to me or ate my food for 1week, the most annoying part of it is that he doesn’t just rape me each time he’s drunk, but he also hit me each time I try stopping him”

Mr John speaks in court how his wife refuse him s3x each time he asked

“Ever since my wife gave birth to our first son samson, she always refuse me of s3x, each time I try touching her at night, she would either say she’s not ready carry another child yet or she’s tired, if I continue she treating to leave the bed for me”

Finally the court declare an adjournment of the case.


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