how i became extremely rich with okrika business

My name is ndubisi okafor I am a native of  {abani} ENUGU state, I was just settled two years ago in okrika business, I buy okrika bags in bale, which include female handbags, students bag, babies bag. I go direct to contonou at times I go to Togo to get bales and sell at katagura market,

I sell at katagura only Mondays, wednesdays and Fridays. It was a Friday morning, I brought out my bale for sale I opened it, and was bringing out the bags.

 In a bale we get nothing less than 150 bags, opening my bale I notice the bags weren’t much, and I was sure it wasn’t up to 150, I was really angry,but not untill I noticed it was because a small hand bag was popped, I gently opened the bag to peep what was inside, I saw American dollars, I quickly covered the bag, packed back the other bags into the bale, and went home back,

Got to the house locked the door, it was around 10am customers were calling, I didn’t even attempt to take any call, I was like badbelle people

Behold when I opened the bag it was new American us dollar falling out.

And the total money I saw in that bag was $200,000,000″  


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