how i was robbed by a taxi man at the airport

My name is rafael and indigene of rivers state, Nigeria

I schooled in the united kingdom and also presently work their, my last visit to Nigeria was awesome.

I come home to see my parent and siblings every ones in a year, so this year I decided not to make it an exception from other years, during the summer holiday, I took a flight to Nigeria for a week holiday with my family in Nigeria, getting to the international airport at ikeja I board a cab which was supposed to take me to ikorodu where my family house is, 25mins after I got into the cab, I slept off fully knowing my things were saved in the boot, including two bags one containing over $40,000,000, my international passport, and some other valuable items I was bringing to my parents, and the other bag was my clothes.

After about 1 to 2hrs of sleeping before I opened my eyes I met my self in a thick bush, lying on the floor left alone, I got so scared and escaped to the nearest police station, asked people where I was at that time, I was told I was already in oyo state…………….. village, then I contacted my dad, who quickly rushed down to the police station where I was, the police ensured we would get a call as soon as the taxi man is caught, up till today the taxi man is no where to be found despite all the effort the police officer promised they would put in to make sure my properties is released, no one of them could trace the taxi.


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