Fact: 10things to be avoided in a relationship

  1. Fighting about everything.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, do not make

everything an argument. Think about all of the

problems you have with your partner and really

consider whether these are deal breakers or if you

can build a bridge and get over them.

  1. Trying to change the other person.

In relationships, we need to realize we are unique

individuals. Often we are drawn to someone who is

completely opposite to us and after a while we can

be tempted to try to change them to be the same as

  1. Take a step back and remember why you fell in

love with this person in the first place. My

boyfriend is for the most part carefree and funny,

but sometimes his jokes start to drive me nuts or I

wish he was more organized. I have to remember

that I love that he can make me laugh and that he

has such a positive outlook on life.

  1. Keeping secrets from your loved one.

This is something that goes along with keeping

communication open—do not keep secrets. Not that

you have to tell the other person every minute detail

about your life, but you should not intentionally

keep something major from them. You know it is a

secret that needs to be shared when you feel even

slightly guilty for not telling them. It will come out

eventually and sooner is always better than later.


  1. Not taking time for yourself and being too co-


If you spend every waking moment with your

significant other, you will ultimately lose who you

are as an individual. Things like going to the store

on your own will be hard and you will find yourself

consulting that person for every small decision you

make. Take some time to do what you love. Have

your own hobbies, interests and friends. You will

both benefit from this and have a richer life as a result.

  1. Not talking about money.

Money is always a tricky subject. You might have

come from different backgrounds. If one person

grew up wanting for nothing and the other has

always had to pinch pennies, there may be some

disagreements over how money is spent. If you are

in a serious relationship, even if you have separate

money, be sure to discuss these things as money

issues are guaranteed to come up eventually.


  1. Avoiding confrontation.

Fighting is not the way most of us want to spend

our time, so it can be tempting to just brush all of

the problems under the rug. The flaw with that plan

is that the problems collect and multiply. This will

ultimately end up in an explosive argument, or a

parting of ways with the other person baffled as to

what went wrong. Communication is huge in any

relationship and should not be avoided.

  1. Trying to control our significant other.

Many of us either have control issues or things that

the other person does that drive us crazy. Both of

these scenarios can lead to us wanting to control or

comment on every move the other person makes.

Think about it though, would you like someone

telling you what to do every waking minute? You

are not this person’s parent. If he/she is a grown

adult, treat them like one.


  1. Expecting perfection.

We are all human. We all make mistakes. Do not

hold your significant other to some unrealistically

high expectation. This is especially hard for those of

us who hold unrealistically high expectations for

ourselves, but that’s another topic altogether.

  1. Forgetting to appreciate your partner.

never forget to tell your significant other,

“thank you” or “I love you.” At the beginning of the

relationship you surely noticed all of the kind things

that he/she was doing for you and praised him/her

accordingly. You said you loved each other all of the

time. Sometimes we forget how awesome the other

person is until we think about it. Tell your

significant other right now how you feel about them!

  1. Losing the romance in the relationship is one

of the key reasons why relationships fail.

It is easy to become complacent and slack on

making an effort for romance. The truth is,

relationships are work. Not that you won’t have any

fun along the way, but you need to remember it

takes a focused effort to be romantic with your




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