About us

9jabizz started has a dream in 2014. Became reality in 2017.

                     About the author

I’m OBI EMMANUEL EBUKA. A graduate of (ogun state institute of technology) also known as (gateway polytechnic)

Originated from ihiala town, Anambra state. But currently based at the western part of the country (lagos) to be precisely.

I was born in (ijesha, lagos state) and I grew up at (ajangbadi, ojo local gov’t)

I attended a govt primary schooh at ajangbadi (community pry school) and my secondary school at (Ajangbadi junior and senior high school)

I love writing and posting, I do lots of that in the social media like facebook, twitter and instagram. I’ve always wanted to be a broadcaster and publisher, where millions of people would read articles, books, magazines written by me.

I started broadcasting right from my secondary school days, I aways compose good posts, I make researches and questioners from internet, books, magazines  and other documents. Everyweek I go to the school notice board to post new inspiring posts, I was doing that till I graduated from secondary school and even higher institution.

Started up a blog wasn’t really easy, I faced so many challenges in finance, support, advice and so many aspects.

Just running a blog and have over thousands of million view daily really isn’t my limit, I believe in life no limited success, there is no man who has gotten to the limit of success, we keep striving to get better everyday. I just strongly believe in the nearest future we will not only blog on net, we are coming on air with the help of God, no limitation.

Big thanks to those esteem viewers of ours, we love you most in the world, keep following, praying and supporting us.

Dreams>.Becoming no1 blogging site in the world.

Mission> To always make it possible to provide adequate and quality contents for our readers.